2019 If You're Reading This It's Too Late w2t sheng review

75ml high fired duanni, 5g.

Rinse and then ten minute wait

Super vegetal asparagus aroma

1st steep: Sweet clean mineral aroma, slightly planty. Great hit of flavor as soon as the broth hits your mouth. It is on the peppery side of young sheng while still keeping an umami savoriness and pleasant bitter note. Aftertaste is extremely sweet and semi long lasting.

2nd Steep: Smells how the last brew tasted. Extremely clean taste. Bitter. Pleasingly vegetal. Nice mouthfeel.

3rd Steep: Sweet pepper aroma. Haven't taken a sip yet but I am now feeling the qi from the last brew in my head and chest. Taste goes pepper, sweet, bitter. Very nice. Slightly less mouthfeel.

I need some more terms to describe taste here

Heavy chest and stomach

4th Steep: The broth has the aroma of an asparagus soup with a few drops of bleach stirred in. I am hit first by the taste of sweet steamed cauliflower which immediately fades into sugar, bell peppers, and then bitterness. Hows that Don Mei, you monster.

Just a note, I do like to brew young sheng pretty aggressively and appreciate the bitter that comes with that. I think if brewed a bit lighter this tea might also lose some of the plant notes that make it interesting.

5th Steep: Deep yellow color. I forgot about this one in the pot so it is very bitter. This tea has felt on the "juicy" side of things rather than drying and even this brew is no exception. Nice medicinal note as the bitterness fades.

6th: Forgot about it again. Similar to the last brew with a quicker resolve from the bitterness into bell pepper, cauliflower, and huigan. This brew is especially mouth-coating and I can start to feel a dryness creep in from my cheeks.

As I am brewing the 7th steep, the qi has become much stronger with a nice relaxation starting in my head.

7th: On the decline now with a medicinal bitterness and the same sweet notes from before. I think I am going to do one more steep. Interesting bleachy aftertaste.

8th: Very sweet. Done.

I think this tea has an appeal like Camembert. It starts to get into those vegetal notes that some more extreme cheeses have but definitely retains the mass appeal with its sweet pepper notes, or creaminess in Camemberts position. I am happy to have a cake of this and at $55/200g, this is a pretty solid deal. I don't often reach for a young sheng but this is nice to have around for when I want it.


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