Naked Yiwu

This tea tastes like opium. It’s warm, it’s herbal, bitters, the warming spreads all over you, and there’s something pine sap resinous about it that makes it coat your mouth and then your body.
It doesn’t taste like something you’re supposed to drink. Maybe it’s ricin maybe it’s ambrosia but it isn’t meant for you either way. It doesn’t care about you. Are you hating it? Good. Are you loving that it hates you? Probably.
Incense and smoke and pine sap and warmth throughout. You can’t drink this tea without paying attention. It’s too hot for that. You need to look at her. She’s naked.
This tea doesn’t understand smooth or understanding or kind. A Viking berserker is going into battle, this is what he drinks. You’re the warrior.
What does it taste like? Fuck you. Drink it.
Qi - strong heat, energy, powerful, upper. 2
Taste - resinous, attention seeking, rough. 1
Price - expensive, but not overpriced. 1
The Representation of Women in 16th Century Italian Art


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