2009 xzh Iron Diangu mid session thoughts and some mental gymnastics

I have been drinking 

pu pu pu pu pu pu pu

5 g in tea pot

Its the fourth of july and I have recently been reunited with some samples after a trip so I might as well drink something fancy. Lately, I have been using any excuse I can to drink something "expensive" (~$/g). We all know that the 4th of July is a problematic holiday in the US and is not a good reason to celebrate. On Instagram, Reddit and Discord I saw several people brewing a more expensive than average tea because of the date. Does drinking tea on a specific day make it more enjoyable? I think it rarely does and usually will make the experience less valuable than it would be if you did it on a random day when you were in the mood for it. There is something to be said for evaluating and paying attention to a tea in your usual drinking circumstances as it removes some variables. From now on I am going to drink what I want whenever I want. I'll probably end up dying with expensive cakes around so I might as well drink it when I am able to. 

More gymnastic ideas
  • i could be into more expensive hobbies
  • 5 dollar coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from *$
  • to be continued but now I think this whole thing is dumb so whATEVER

  • Onto the tea
sex cousin stepbrother stepbro stepsister incest penis anal penis enlargement porn pron pawg bbw bbc 
  • Best wet leaf aroma I have ever smelled. Lychee, Mango, Dairy?
  • This had an odd intersection of menthol and bitterness when overbrewed. It was hard to tell if the extreme flavor in the middle of the profile was either or both. 
  • Nice heavy qi focused in head and chest. Relaxation style.
  • Long aftertaste 
  • Odd flavor profile and very little storage or age taste going on
  • I felt like the tea had a lot more potential than my brewing would allow
  • Non overwhelming interesting astringency
  • Gave me the sensation of a bloody nose with coppery aftertaste coming through my breath

I wouldn't cake this until I had a more diverse collection of sheng built up. It is nice to have around and I would recommend trying it if you have the chance. 


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