Quickie Review: If you're reading this it's 2 late by white2tea, sample size.

The entire 7.5 gram sample was prepared in a 120 mL gaiwan using boiling filtered water. The gaiwan was warmed with boiling filtered water for around 7-12 seconds, after which the sample was introduced to the warmed gaiwan and allowed to steam open slightly. A rinse of the sample was then performed and the wet leaves were pried apart slightly before a flash first steep. From there, another flash steep was performed for the second steep and each subsequent steep was around 3-5 seconds longer than the last. 

The leaf aroma was of leafy grape sweetness. Liquor color was a light golden yellow-green. Taste begins with a characteristic young sheng grape leaf sweetness, melding into an oxidized coffee feeling which lends strong body to the profile. Mild coffee-like bitterness and cheek astringency follow, with a semi-sweet and pronounced aftertaste. Later steeps produced more sugary sweetness with extended huigan. 

In true white2tea fashion, this tea is a very capable and, more importantly, interesting young sheng with more than enough intrigue to hold your attention. I would definitely buy this tea off of the strength of the sample. 

Rating: 1/2. 

PS: a note on the new rating system:
0/2 would not drink again
1/2 would drink again
2/2 very good

PPS: 4 1/2 plump fish to the tin. 


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