Teapot appreciation post

big boy big guy red
western style by force not choice 
unobservant brew

The first pot I purchased was a 220ml pearskin shudei gisui kyusu from artistic nippon. I had read that the clay was similar to older hongni and thought this was a good way to get into teapots and clay. Japanese clay seemed more consistent and easier to navigate than yixing as well as being cheaper. I figured that when I wanted to have less tea I would just fill the teapot less. I now know about the heat retention stuff and so I always fill stuff up allllllll the way youll be glad to know. 

This teapot has gone unused for a long time up until maybe 3 weeks ago. I realized that when I am doing a less focused session and don't want a ton of caffeine I could use this big pot as the clay would be good for puer and the volume is appealing for a 3 gram western session. These sessions have had very nice albeit less complex results. 801 8582 produced a viscous, honey, resin and hay tasting infusion that was easy to drink and interesting enough to think about. I'll do some more teas with this and tell you what my favorites are. 
Heres a pic of it next to a gigantic gaiwan made by my mother


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