(Un?)deniably good

My opinion has changed since I came up with the title but I like it so its staying. 

Today I am drinking 2004 yqh tejipin that I got from lp. The first four steeps had every aspect that people look for in a very high quality tea. Amazing aftertaste, mouthfeel, throatfeel, qi, huigan, and a semi interesting old tree style taste. Sounds great right? 

For some reason this tea had an uninspiring series of brews to start off. Something about the taste was less than interesting. I had heard from james that this was more of a "drinking with your body" tea than one dependent on flavors so it was not exactly a surprise. I usually am ok at feeling body effects from a tea and the ones I was getting in the early steeps were not interesting enough to make up for the taste. The taste was bassy with medicinal, sweet, almost banana and walnut notes throughout each steep. This is the point when I came up with the title for this post.

Steep five was then one of the top ten brews of tea I had ever had. All of a sudden a great sugary, complex brew came out with more of everything from earlier. I might have been underbrewing the tea for the first four as five was pushed harder than usual and I will experiment with some harder brewing next time I have it. I left the later steeps for tomorrow as I wasnt really in the mood for heavy stoning qi at the time and I might update this later with results. So far I definitely prefer the 2006 chawangshu for the more upbeat qi and interesting higher register profile. 
2004 Tejipin - Yangqing Hao (en)


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