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2. Next, move your fingers around your thumb 'axis' from the highest ranked group to the second lowe

In other words, from the 1 group through the 2 group to the 3 group.

4. Dog posts welcome

feel free to post about your dog including pictures, life updates, or prison violin recitals. Pleeeeeease

4.6. Scorpios are kinda lame, Becky.

Like seriously, fucking stop.

4. Bones

Chorus: bones bones bones! they're our friends don't break one or the world ends bones bones bones, collect them if you can even if they come from another man

3. If this can only be done with the left hand, it is an S conformer; if only the right can be used,

This is how to determine the r or s configuration of a given stereocenter.

5. Yuletide bliss.

epest lines like plummets and, on the others, he had a big blue runner and a yellow jack that had been used before; but they were in good condition still and had the excellent sardines to give them scent and attractiveness. Each line, as thick around as a big pencil, was looped onto a green-sapped stick so that any pull or touch on the bait would make the stick dip a

1. Point your thumb in the direction of the lowest ranked group around the stereocenter.

The lowest ranked group is usually the group with the lowest overall mass. A faint lemon aroma hits you upon opening. 7 1/2 fillets to the tin. A faint lemon flavor hits you on first bite. A medium textured fish, not to dry. No strong flavors or after taste. A clean tasting fish. would eat again. 3 1/2 sardines.


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